King Crimson

King Crimson: Starless & Bible Black 1974 DVD Audio Only 2011 2 Discs 96kHz/24bit 48kHz/24bit 57 Tracks

The DVD-Audio disc has the original and new mixes plus a 5.1 surround mix, 5.1 Lossless audio and stereo mixes, video footage of Easy Money and an improv from NY’s Central Park (’73), audio extras including live cuts and radio edits and more!


King Crimson
Starless & Bible Black
24 October 2011
INCL. DVD ~ Discs:2  DVD Audio Only
Discipline Records ( DISR )
Compact Disc
13 September 2013

Track Listing

 Track #Title
1.1The Great Deceiver
1.3We’Ll Let You Know
1.4The Night Watch
1.6The Mincer
1.7Starless & Bible Black
1.9The Law of Maximum Distress, Pt. 1
1.10Improv: the Mincer
1.11The Law of Maximum Distress, Pt. 2
1.12Dr. Diamond [live, June 23rd 1973] [live]
1.13Guts on My Side [live, March 19th 1974] [live]
2.1The Great Deceiver [mpl Lossless 5.1 Surround Mix]
2.2Lament [mpl Lossless 5.1 Surround Mix]
2.3We’Ll Let You Know [mpl Lossless 5.1 Surround Mix]
2.4The Night Watch [mpl Lossless 5.1 Surround Mix]
2.5Trio [mpl Lossless 5.1 Surround Mix]
2.6The Mincer [mpl Lossless 5.1 Surround Mix]
2.7Starless & Bible Black [mpl Lossless 5.1 Surround Mix]
2.8Fracture [mpl Lossless 5.1 Surround Mix]
2.9Easy Money [mpl Lossless 5.1 Surround Mix]
2.10The Great Deceiver [dts 5.1 Digital Surround Mix]
2.11Lament [dts 5.1 Digital Surround Mix]
2.12We’Ll Let You Know [dts 5.1 Digital Surround Mix]
2.13The Night Watch [dts 5.1 Digital Surround Mix]
2.14Trio [dts 5.1 Digital Surround Mix]
2.15The Mincer [dts 5.1 Digital Surround Mix]
2.16Starless & Bible Black [dts 5.1 Digital Surround Mix]
2.17Fracture [dts 5.1 Digital Surround Mix]
2.18Easy Money [dts 5.1 Digital Surround Mix]
2.19The Great Deceiver [mlp Lossless Stereo (24/96) Mix]
2.20Lament [mlp Lossless Stereo (24/96) Mix]
2.21We’Ll Let You Know [mlp Lossless Stereo (24/96) Mix]
2.22The Night Watch [mlp Lossless Stereo (24/96) Mix]
2.23Trio [mlp Lossless Stereo (24/96) Mix]
2.24The Mincer [mlp Lossless Stereo (24/96) Mix]
2.25Starless & Bible Black [mlp Lossless Stereo (24/96) Mix]
2.26Fracture [mlp Lossless Stereo (24/96) Mix]
2.27The Great Deceiver [pcm Stereo 2.0 (24/48) Mix]
2.28Lament [pcm Stereo 2.0 (24/48) Mix]
2.29We’Ll Let You Know [pcm Stereo 2.0 (24/48) Mix]
2.30The Night Watch [pcm Stereo 2.0 (24/48) Mix]
2.31Trio [pcm Stereo 2.0 (24/48) Mix]
2.32The Mincer [pcm Stereo 2.0 (24/48) Mix]
2.33Starless & Bible Black [pcm Stereo 2.0 (24/48) Mix]
2.34Fracture [pcm Stereo 2.0 (24/48) Mix]
2.35The Great Deceiver [original Album Mix (30th Anniversary Edition)]
2.36Lament [original Album Mix (30th Anniversary Edition)]
2.37We’Ll Let You Know [original Album Mix (30th Anniversary Edition)]
2.38The Night Watch [original Album Mix (30th Anniversary Edition)]
2.39Trio [original Album Mix (30th Anniversary Edition)]
2.40The Mincer [original Album Mix (30th Anniversary Edition)]
2.41Starless & Bible Black [original Album Mix (30th Anniversary Edition)]
2.42Fracture [original Album Mix (30th Anniversary Edition)]
2.43Lament [live in Zurich/Pcm Stereo 2.0 (24/48) Mix]
2.44The Night Watch [live in Zurich/Pcm Stereo 2.0 (24/48) Mix]
2.45Fracture [live in Zurich/Pcm Stereo 2.0 (24/48) Mix]
2.46The Law of Maximum Distress, Pt. 1 [live in Zurich/Pcm Stereo 2.0 (24/48) M
2.47Improv: the Mincer [live in Zurich/Pcm Stereo 2.0 (24/48) Mix]
2.48The Law of Maximum Distress, Pt. 2 [live in Zurich/Pcm Stereo 2.0 (24/48) M
2.49We’Ll Let You Know [pcm Stereo 2.0 (24/48) Mix]
2.50Dr. Diamond [live, June 23rd 1973, Richards Club, Atlanta, Georgia/Pcm
2.51Guts on My Side [live, March 19th 1974, Palazzo Dello Sport, Udine, Ita
2.52The Night Watch [stereo Single Edit] [edit]
2.53The Night Watch [us Radio Mono Single Edit] [edit]
2.5430 Second Radio Advert
2.5560 Second Radio Advert
2.56Easy Money [central Park, New York, June 25th 1973] [live]
2.57Fragged Dusty Wall Carpet [central Park, New York, June 25th 1973] [liv


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