Gentle Giant

Gentle Giant: The Power And Glory CD/Blu-ray 96kHz/24bit Deluxe Edition DTS-HD Master Audio 2014

Audio Only 
The DTS 5.1 mix is exceptional sounding giving additional detail, depth and sound stage to the album. The Blu-ray also features animated segments tied into the theme of the album and compliments the music.

We also get a flat transfer of the original stereo tracks on the Blu-ray as well as the instrumental backing tracks with screen saver. All of these are at 96/24 LPCM. The single/title track “The Power And The Glory” is included for the Blu-ray remix as well as the CD.


    Gentle Giant
    Power & the Glory (Mixed by Steven Wilson)
    22 July 2014
    ~ Discs:2
    Alucard ( ACDQ )
    Compact Disc
    D: CD
    This Item Can Only Be Shipped To United States Addresses. No International Export.

    Track Listing

      Track # Title
    1 Proclamation
    2 So Sincere
    3 Aspirations
    4 Playing the Game
    5 Cogs in Cogs
    6 No God’s a Man
    7 The Face
    8 Valedictory
    9 The Power and the Glory (Bonus Track)
    10 Aspirations (Instrumental Outtake Bonus Track)
    11 Proclamation
    12 So Sincere
    13 Aspirations
    14 Playing the Game
    15 Cogs in Cogs
    16 No God’s a Man
    17 The Face
    18 Valedictory
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