Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam: Ten Remastered 2CD Deluxe Edition 2009 Release Date 3/24/09


TEN, Pearl Jam’s debut album, was released less than a month before Nirvana’s NEVERMIND, and although it took longer to climb the pop charts it also hung around longer, eventually outselling it’s Seattle rival. Together, the two albums reinvigorated Rock and Roll, whose share of the Pop marketplace had been slipping through the late 1980s. But while Nirvana’s bruising Punk Rock was an all-out assault on the Classic-Rock dinosaur, Pearl Jam’s accomplished Hard Rock was an attack from within the system. Recorded at London Bridge Studios, Seattle, Washington from March to April, 1991. Legacy Edition (2 CD set) includes : Disc 1: original Ten tracklisting digitally remastered (original mix) Disc 2: original Ten tracklisting digitally remastered and remixed by Brendan O’Brien, plus six bonus tracks:”Brother,” “Just a Girl,”, “State of Love and Trust,” “Breath and a Scream,” “2,000 Mile Blues” and “Evil Little Goat.”

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